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Our Kiddos Ava and Evan made a cameo in their Welcome video HERE!


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Kids Casting

Baby and Child Modeling-Miami, Florida: One of our beautiful newest Starlets Savannah… she totally KILLED IT on her first professional photo shoot… LOOK!

Baby and Child Modeling- Miami, Florida

Baby and Child Modeling-Dallas, Texas: Little Arden makes a “SPLASH!!” at a recent audition for a Salvation Army TV Spot! Go Arden!!! Finger’s crossed you book it!!!

Baby and Child Modeling- Dallas, Texas

Baby Modeling-Austin, Texas: Starlets kids ROCK IT (again!!) at a Converse Casting Call!!!

The adorable Logan taking a little “snooze” after his big audition!!! Awwwwww♥♥♥

Thank you to the hard-working, dedicated agencies Starlets works with! We appreciate all you do! 🙂


Logan Booked it!!!!

  1. video1logan-converse-mov
  2. video2logan-converse-mov
  3. video3logan-converse-mov

Baby Modeling- Austin, Texas

Baby Modeling-Dallas, Texas: Starlets kids ROCK IT at a Havertys Furniture Casting Call!!!

From the Mom of our beautiful twins Eden and Chelli, as shown above…

“I am so proud of them just for doing amazing at the audition. It was a wonderful experience. The ‘TV mom’ actress they auditioned with complimented them by saying they did a ‘fabulous job!’”

Baby Modeling- Dallas, Texas

Baby Modeling-Miami, Florida: Starlets Kids to Audition for Carter’s-OshKosh B’gosh…

Good Luck to all of our kids!!!! Show ’em what you’re workin’ with!!!! 🙂

UPDATE: Our kiddos BOOKED Carter’s again!!!!

We’re SO proud of you guys!

  1. chris_carters_booking-mp4

Baby Modeling- Miami, Florida

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