Making auditions FUN for your little baby or child model parents! A few industry tips…

O.K. So the worst thing a parent can do is get on the phone and blab about  “Johnny not booking the Gap commercial”….IN FRONT OF JOHNNY!

If you are a parent in the entertainment industry, you are lucky to have the opportunities! Don’t blow it by becoming a horrible industry parent. PLEASE do not put pressure on your child before an audition, it serves no purpose for the child. Don’t discuss NOT getting a call back either, that can make your child feel bad, and a failure.

If you focus on having a great time at the audition, enjoying the fact you are there, it will show in your child’s behavior and how they come across to other people. When they aren’t under pressure they are more themselves, and come across better to a casting director.

Have fun with it! If it’s not fun, take them out! 🙂

…That’s all folks!


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