Let’s talk about photos for baby and child modeling… Here’s the facts parents!

Children Model

The photo above is a perfect example of what NOT to do. Hoods or hats, sunglasses, etc. covering a child’s hair is NOT a good idea. You do NOT want to hide the child’s hair or cover it with anything! With very young children you do not have to do professional pictures, regular snapshots from home are fine…UNLESS the agency you are represented by requires professional pics…they might. But BABIES change all the time, every month or so they look different, so why spend $$$$$ on headshots? Think about it. Some jobs are called “directly booked” that means the casting director saw your babies photo and booked the baby right directly from the photo. The casting person wants that same child to walk in the door, not 6 months previously when mommy did the headshots. Use your head about this.


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