Talent Agents and Managers generally use their own contacts to find young children…like US! Yep… it’s the “who you know” factor parents…get used to it!!

Baby Modeling Agencies

There are a myriad of reasons that most agents really are adverse to working with young children. There is a book of child labor laws a mile thick, children s hours are very limited on a production set. Their limited hours directly affect their income, and that indirectly affects the Talent Agents income. Another important reason also is because young children change all the time, their pictures constantly need to be updated, this takes time and staff.

If a Talent Agent represents an adult in comparison, they do not  time restrictions because of their age. Why then would an agent choose to work with a child, and not an adult? It is definitely a niche. There are agents also that specialize in Hispanic talent, Asian talent, etc.

Another reason…. an agent would not be dancing at the thought of having to educate a new parent to the entertainment industry…… New parents have a ton of questions, and require a lot of hand holding. This all takes time and energy, and takes an agent away from what they should be doing…booking jobs, and earning a commission ( 10-20%).

New parents also come into the Talent Agency with unreal expectations. They have been told at every mall that their baby/child should model or be on TV!  Then the parent doesn’t get a sitcom their first month with the agency, and they are disappointed. They complain to the agent they are not going out enough. Unrealistic expectations are the parents worse enemy.

There is a lot to consider from the agents point of view!

We supply a VERY valuable service to Talent Agents and Managers!

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