Do I Really Need a Professional Talent Agent or Talent Manager for My Child? YES! Read This Parents! You’ll Think Twice!

We got a letter from one of our clients the other day….I thought I would pass along their experience.  Some parents feel with all the online things they can get jobs for their Children Model themselves. Not only is this naive, it’s also dangerous. It turns out they were called for an audition, they had sent a pic somewhere, and it was at night downtown Los Angeles. There were intoxicated people trying to get close to the filming, and a big fight about their rights to shoot in this particular alley…Yikes, it gets worse! While standing in the alley the mother of the child got some kind of liquid poured on her head from an open window in the apartment house above the alley…I guess the neighbors were upset with the filming…AND they went thru this all for , drum roll…… $100 dollars!

Agents generally can get you more money for something, if you have to do these sorts of jobs. An agent takes 10-20% of the job depending what it is, and they are not going to waste their time and energies for $20 dollars…it’s just not worth it for them. The lesson here is…YES!!! you do need to be represented by well seasoned talent agent!

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