NO DRAMA Mama’s! aka: TV’s “Toddlers & Tiaras” Psycho Moms!

Kids Model Agencies

What Constitutes a Great Industry Mother or Father?

1. No drama

2. Returns phone calls promptly

3. Arrives at auditions and jobs ON TIME

4. Makes sure their child is well rested and fed

5. The parent brings all necessary work permits, photo’s, dialogue, etc.

6. Does not tell the director how to get their child to smile, behave etc.

7. Not a butt-in-ski

8. Not a “know it all”

9. Has patience on the set

10. Does not call agent and bug them all the time.

11. Is organized and prompt at all times.

12. Keeps records

13. Polite and easy going

14. Flexible with time

15. Does NOT turn down any audition!

16. Is not freaked out by taking their child out of school

17. Parents that apply pressure on the child before the audition, or get upset when their child doesn’t get a call back

18. A parent that doesn’t work 80 hours a week!!!!!!

Drama Mama’s need NOT apply!

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