Everyone tells you that your baby should be a baby model? You’re not alone parents!

Mother and baby

Everywhere you go people come up to you and say ” Oh he/she is so adorable, you should get him/her in commercials”  If I had a dollar for everyone that tells me….  “everyone comes up to them and says their baby should model”,  I’d be in the Tahitian Islands in a villa by the sea.

OF COURSE everyone loves babies…..babies and puppies….everyone is drawn to them, they’re so cute. What I tell the Mom’s that tell me this is….. that those “people” are not casting directors, and probably don’t even work in the industry….so don’t get too excited, they are just a nice person in line at the grocery store.

Casting directors look at different things….how does the child respond? shape of head? skin tones? Does the mother look sane? Someone that you would want on your set? Now if a casting person gives your child a compliment, that’s different. They are acknowledging that maybe the child is workable…….that’s a lot different than someone with purple hair in line at your local drug store complimenting your child.

So, just don’t get so excited by a compliment….it is just that! It’s really WHO is delivering the compliment when it’s pertaining to working in the entertainment industry!


“the vital link between industry new parents and top, established reputable talent agents and managers”


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