Baby Modeling – Child Modeling USA – Starlets kiddo makes it to the BIG SCREEN!!!! Woo!!!!

Our Little guy Jameson just booked a role in the Hit TV Show…”Into The WILD Frontier”…

Video and pictures of their TV adventure COMING SOON! Stay tuned!!

From his fabulous mama Bailey…

“Big news!! Jameson landed his first audition on his first try! I’m so proud of him. I spoke with our agent this evening and he wanted me to share the good news.  He will be portraying Paul Dorion on the tv show Into the Wild Frontier. We get to go to Montana for filming-woohoo!!!”… 🙂


Excited to leave for Montana!!!

Waiting to board at the airport…they’re ready to have a blast!!!

Working on set having the experience of a lifetime!!! (some break time too! FUN!)


Baby Modeling- Child Modeling USA