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Our Kiddos Ava and Evan made a cameo in their Welcome video HERE!


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Baby & Child Modeling-Dallas,TX: Starlets Kiddos audition for “Nickelodeon” – Whoopee!!!

Baby and Child Modeling- Dallas, Texas

Baby and Child Modeling-Miami, FL: Adriano had quite a blast on his first professional photo shoot in sunny Miami!!! We’re SOOOO very proud of him!!! We look forward to seeing more from little Adriano soon!!!

Baby and Child Modeling- Miami, Florida

Baby Modeling-Miami, FL: Cutie Pie Matteo coming soon to a Carter’s store near you!!!! He is SO precious!!!! We’re proud of our little guy!!!!


Baby Modeling- Miami, Florida

Baby Modeling-Houston, TX: Little Cutie Patootie Brandon BOOKED a TV Spot!!! Whoopee!!!

Check Out the Original Video Brandon’s Parents Submitted for the Casting! Total Cuteness!

Baby Modeling- Houston, Texas

Baby & Child Modeling-Dallas, TX: Starlets Kiddos audition for a Nationwide TV Spot!!!! Can we all give them a Whoop Whoop!!!!

Check out Kinsley’s Live Audition Here!

Nationwide is definitely on their side!!!! HAHA 🙂

Baby Modeling- Dallas, Texas

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