Employee Fav Review

Some opportunities are the result of rigorous preparation, careful planning and brilliant execution.

And some are just the result of great timing.

We were referred to Starlets! by a family friend, who had encouraged us to get Jude into baby modeling. We considered it, but hadn’t followed up yet. But during our family vacation in Galveston, TX, we decided to cast the dice and see where the chips fell.

One thing we didn’t know was that many agencies won’t work with someone Jude’s age without an “industry referral.” They rely on these agencies to do the leg work and vouch for not only the children, but for the parents as well. So we began our journey by submitting an application at Starlets!

Soon afterwards, we received an e-mail inviting us into the second screening round. Each round required submitting a regular snapshots of Jude, with an occasional video. A third round soon followed after that. With each e-mail, we began to get a little more excited, if not a little more uncertain as well.

The more we began to communicate with them, the more we liked their straightforward, no sugar coating style and their willingness to be upfront with us about what exactly we were getting ourselves into. Neither of us had any experience in the industry at all, which could leave us open to all kinds of scams and schemes.

As things started to become more serious, Starlets! gave us the opportunity to speak with one of their actual mothers. I spoke with her for about an hour, and she helped not only to quell some concerns I had, but allowed me to ask even what I perceived to be “stupid” questions.

After that, we were in!

We signed an agreement with them for 5 years. Managers. Agents. Directors. Many of them will come and go, but our representative at Starlets! will be there through it all to help us navigate this new and exciting world. And we couldn’t be happier with our new partnership.

Toddler Modeling

-Little Jude and Family, Arlington, TX

🙂 Total Cuteness! 🙂

Letters like this are what keep us going year after year!

Thanks to Timm and Beth!

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