Industry Expenses Addressed…FACTS for Newbie Parents…Just Brutal Honesty and Reality…NON “Sugar Coated”…

OVER 40 Years of Combined Industry Experience!

Dear Industry Newcomer:

HELLO!! Sandy here from our V.P. Office. (:

Newbie parents entering this exciting business sometimes believe, based on what they read on-line or otherwise, that someone is going to just “discover” their child in the toothpaste aisle of their local supermarket, and their adorable baby will suddenly be making $100k a year, without any time, energy or money from the parents. Haha- Nope, not kidding! 

It’s totally okay- I get it and CAN relate. 🙂

But… please allow me to explain the REAL realities of pursuing this with a young child.

First and Foremost…

>>>The Starlets Company is NOT your Agent or Manager<<<

Just to clarify, FACT is, talent agencies and managers generally do NOT take kids under 5, that’s why they go through our service. Feel free to telephone any legitimate major agency around the country to confirm this.

We’re the “middleman” between YOU and the safe and reputable agencies. We do all of the marketing, pr and footwork to the agencies and managers. There’s ALWAYS a middleman with young children. Always has been; always will. Agencies and managers do not wish to deal with newbie parents (no offense) with a zillion questions, updating pics, many times young children require work permits, trusts accounts, actors cards, there’s strict child labor laws, etc.

This really is a 24-7 job!

WE (NOT them) do all of the newbie parent “hand holding  and educating” as it’s very different when working with “babies”. And, further, as you know, our kiddos WORK!

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… just to name a select few!

We’re doing something right! 

Obviously, there’s no easy or free way into this. When you hear…”Don’t ‘pay’ an agent or manager”, that’s correct but…that doesn’t mean newbie parents don’t have to spend ANYTHING to get started! Nothing is ever “free”. Be reminded, WE receive no commission off ANY bookings, as do the agencies and managers, therefore; we can’t work for no compensation. I don’t know ANY business that does. (smile).

Again, the Internet is the last place to get accurate information. Anyone can write anything on-line; doesn’t mean it’s true; usually it’s not.

There are local shady “agencies” that tell parents they work with babies and then, in the next breath, tell them they need a $4,000 portfolio and head shots, which, on a “baby” is absolutely ridiculous!! We see this all the time. It’s very sad. Such a waste of time and money. Babies change their “look” too rapidly for portfolios. It’s CRAZY!!! As you know, we work with REGULAR HOME SNAPSHOTS. Period.


The safety and well-being of your child is our #1 priority.

Parents must be 110% committed to this industry and not going into it with ulterior motives. Just wanted to explain it more for you so you better understand!

I’ve been doing this most of my life (former print model in my “younger years” and licensed talent agent) and, guess what? I’m still learning! Lol.

I’m also a firm believer in brutal honesty and complete transparency. Hence, our continued success. 🙂

Hope this helped a bit? YES- we DO care!Baby Casting Call

I understand, as a fellow Mom myself (of 3-Crazy-LOL!), you’re just wanting to do the right thing, not put your cutie in harm’s way and make sure your not getting into anything sketchy.

Be reminded, there’s absolutely NO OBLIGATION to either party.

We look forward to the possibility of speaking with you on the telephone in the very near future!

Should your child not be accepted this time around, for whatever reason, please be sure to resubmit again this time next year!

Thanks for listening parents!

♥Warmest regards♥,

Baby Casting Call 


Baby Casting Call

V.P. Office,

Baby Casting Call

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