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a note from our pricey attorneys:

Terms and Conditions:

The Starlets Company (hereinafter “Starlets”) is not, nor does it purport to be a talent, employment or booking agency of any kind. Furthermore, Starlets is not in the business of procuring employment or auditions for its clients. If accepted, Starlets provides unlimited exposure and advertising to the top talent agencies and management companies, whom, in most cases, will not accept young children with no experience “off the street”. These companies (not Starlets) will then be responsible for soliciting all auditions and/or bookings for your child(ren). Talent agencies/management companies receive the standard 10-20% commission from the “gross” amount of your child’s earnings from any jobs they “book” your child(ren) on. You can review our Privacy Policy by clicking on “Privacy Policy” above. Services not available to residents in the State of California.

Mention of any companies does not constitute an endorsement of our service or affiliation.

Of course, employment and/or inquiries is never guaranteed. Individual results will always vary. As with any new business venture, some individuals will find success, while others may not.

Not a free service.

Testimonials are unpaid.

Unclothed photos are never accepted.

Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to
on our blog, websites or social media are the
property of their respective trademark holders.

By submitting information, photos and/or videos to us, you understand and agree to the above Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the above, please do not continue further on this site.

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Wish to verify our company License?

(Most of us here ARE parents-we TOTALLY get it!)

CLICK HERE NOW to Verify License with the State of Delaware

It will bring you to a page titled… “Delaware Open Data”… Subtitled… “Delaware Business Licenses”. Now, to the right, look for the SECOND search bar down from the top, which is right under the light blue “sign in” tab.  The correct search box contains the phrase “Find in this Dataset”. Simply enter The Starlets Company in that box and press ENTER. ♥Voila!♥

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