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FACT: Most Legit Agents and Managers will NOT deal directly with parents of young children “off the street”. We have come to their rescue!

“the vital link between industry new parents and top talent agents and managers”


Toddler ModelingBaby and Child Modeling

BABY MODELING: Our fabulous twins on TV’s “Passions”….. !!!!!

Can’t get any cuter! Way to go boys!

Children Models


Baby Model – Baby and Child Modeling

CHILD MODELING: Another Cutie Patootie Books a Target Stores Ad! Too cute for words!

Kids Model Agencies

 Cutie pie “Gabriele”  looks ADORABLE for “TARGET Holidays” TV Spot! OMG!

Miami, Florida: BABY MODELING: One of our munchkins “Ryan” booked a Baby Gap ad! Can’t get better than that!

Yippee!!!!!! Great outfit! Lol

Baby GapWay to go Ryan!!!

BABY AND CHILD MODELING: Check out Former Client (Little Sebastian) on Set with Ty Pennington…

Our former client (Little Sebastian) on Set with Ty Pennington… Star of TV’s “Extreme Makeovers: Home Edition”…!!!!! Yay guys!!!! Way to go!!!!!

Children Models

Thanks daddy for shooting this fabulous picture!


Baby Modeling – Baby and Child Modeling

We’re Backed by the Power of PayPal!

We’re a VERIFIED Merchant! 🙂

Toddler Modeling

For any “skeptical” parents, PayPal is one of the most SECURE payment services in the world. Companies, unlike consumer accounts, go through extensive background checks in order to be approved (“verified”) by PayPal! They also offer 100% Buyer Protection to you! You are protected! PayPal will NOT associate themselves with shady companies, on line scams, Nigerian rip offs, etc. In other words, you’re in good hands!

Parents Ask! We have Answers!

Should parents be submitting on “talent gigs” postings via Craigslist? Heck NO!!


Many parents have been asking us about submitting their child(ren) via Craigslist.

Our advice: Don’t EVER submit on so called modeling or acting jobs listed on Craigslist! Most legit casting directors, agencies or managers do NOT post projects on Craigslist. You could be putting your child(ren) in extreme danger, i.e.: child predator, child abduction, etc. Be extremely cautious as Craigslist and the entire Internet (including these so called “self submit” casting-audition websites) are full of unsubstantiated nonsense as well as child predators.

All legitimate projects are handled via established industry recognized licensed talent agents and managers, who do NOT post “job listings” via Craigslist. Most talent agents and managers will NOT represent children UNDER 5 directly, “off the street” regardless! Hence, they utilize our company.

The safety of your child is our first priority!

“the vital link between industry new parents and top talent agents and managers”

BABY MODELING: Our baby booked a Disney Ad…woooweee!!!

Children Models

See our kiddies in numerous Disney projects!

Ryan did a GREAT job and his LOVES Winnie! Congrats!


Baby Modeling – Baby and Child Modeling

BABY AND CHILD MODELING: Our “kids” having an absolute blast…on set for Old Navy and earning College Tuition!!! Cool!

Baby Modeling Agencies

Children Models – Baby and Child Modeling

CHILD MODELING: Carrot Top cutie Mason BOOKS Target Stores!

Wow! Go Mason! Check this out!

Kids Modeling

Kids Models – Baby and Child Modeling

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