Baby Modeling

 Baby Modeling

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Below are various comments from former and/or current clients of our wonderful staff for you to review:

“We enjoyed meeting the staff! They were very personable and put us at ease through the whole process.”

~Reanna’s Parents

“It was a very good experience! The office was very festive and animated. The staff was very friendly and encouraging while also being informative and honest. The employees were very cordial and explained everything in a down to earth manner. We felt very welcomed by them all. We felt like we were given time and plenty of information to make an informed decision. We just chose to do this for fun and to open ourselves to a new experience.”

~Noelle’s Parents

“We love your offices. Ryan had a great time. Within just a few days we heard from our first agent. We met with them the next day and they loved Ryan enough to sign him right there. Thanks so much!”

~Ryan’s Parents

“This was our first experience with a baby modeling company and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The energy and liveliness that the employees exude is so contagious. The staff does everything possible to make sure you feel welcome and all your questions are answered. And once you leave the office, you are never alone. We appreciate the time and effort they take to let you know they are always there for you when you need assistance of any kind.”

~Jonah’s Parents

“It was nice to have a down to earth conversation with people who have been in the entertainment industry for a long time. The staff was also very good with children and made my son welcome!”

~Gabriele’s Parents

“We had the most exciting time with the employees, everyone is extremely professional. My wife and I loved the atmosphere! We are extremely pleased with this whole experience. We can’t wait to see what it all has in store for our precious daughter. We would and will recommend them to anyone.”

~Isabella’s Parents

“From the moment we walked in we felt welcomed. The place gets a 10+ for kid friendly. As parents we were a bit nervous, but that didn’t last long. Everyone was great. Our son, Matthew, was fascinated with your establishment. We felt very comfortable with the staff. Everything was explained very clearly and repeated several times. We hope in furthering this new friendship and a new start of great experiences with your company and our family. Thank you!”

~Proud parents of Matthew

“We were pleasantly surprised at how professional the employees were towards us. Sometimes when people work with children they tend to act like children, but this was NOT the case with this company!”

~Kristen’s Parents

“The ENTIRE crew was exceptional on every level. Never being involved in this industry, the staff was extremely helpful and informative. All questions were answered in plain English and contact info was given in case we have any additional questions. Apart from the professionalism they displayed, the family feel of this organization was deciding factor for us to sign up and embark on a new and exciting journey with our son Ayden. This opportunity is fun and may or may not create new opportunities for Ayden, but the experience itself will hopefully be a positive one. I gratefully thank this company and are happy to join the family!”

~Ayden’s Parents

“Both my husband and myself were a little skeptical at first, we are not in this industry, but have a fairly good understanding of how things work. We were a little over-whelmed by the surroundings (wow! You’ve got a lot of stuff in that room), but the kids enjoyed it and kept them occupied. The employees appeared very honest about the industry and about their part in this whole process. We were not pressured, nor were we given false hopes of stardom. I felt that the entire staff was down to earth and professional. The kids also responded well to them. We are looking forward to a good working relationship and hope things work out well for our daughter!”

~Nicole’s Parents

“To say that your office is engaging and stimulating is an understatement. Even though Jaden was in need of a nap when we went in for our initial interview, the visual stimulation kept him animated and interested, so you were able to get a true idea of the kind of pleasant and inquisitive child that he is. We have been impressed with the speedy response to our inquiries so far and the timely manner in which the things that you said would get done have been accomplished. We are looking forward to a happy and successful relationship with you in support of Jaden’s journey into this new adventure.”

~Jaden’s Parents

“We had a great time! I love the office setup, very kid friendly. Everyone was very honest and up front, no B.S. and that is exactly what we wanted!!!”

~Michele & Benjamin, Jayda’s Parents

“The staff at this company came across sincere and helped put their role into perspective regarding the industry. After meeting with them and getting some insight into the industry. I feel very comfortable with them and have peace that they will hold our hand through this intimidating industry for many years.”

~Autumn and Christopher, Giada’s Parents

“My experience with this company was better than I expected!  I love the office; it is a kid wonderland, which makes it really easy for kids and parent to enjoy their time. Everyone in the office was very friendly. My daughter and I felt very comfortable with the entire staff. They are all great with children. The talent scout was very specific and gave great honest feedback. I appreciate that. I look forward to working with this team.”

~Erin and Albert, Devon’s Parents

“Thanks guys- Our ENTIRE FAMILY just got picked up by a TOP licensed talent agency!!!”

-The Hinds family, Lakeland, FL

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Thanks to everyone! We love what we do and do it with a PASSION! 🙂

 Baby Modeling

Congrats! to little Liam (above) from Port St. Lucie, FL, for getting his first Modeling Contract!
He wants to show the world!!! Too cute! LOL 🙂


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