Reality Check for New Parents

Baby Modeling

Baby Modeling

Just so you know…

We hear the following

HUNDREDS of times


“We have the next Gerber Baby!”

“We have the next Baby Gap Baby!”

“Everyone always stops us wherever we go and says my baby should be on TV!”

“Grandma thinks little “Charlie” should be on every TV Spot out there, ANY agent or manager will take him!”

Come on, be honest parents…you’ve heard it!

Most of us here at The Starlets Company ARE parents… we get it! 🙂

 Please understand that we are not trying to discourage anyone from pursuing this business for their little one.

The reality is this; everyone thinks puppies and babies are cute…they are! However; that doesn’t ALONE make your child right for the entertainment business.

If it were that easy, every child would be on TV; it’s not.

Rejection is a major part of this industry.

Just have FUN with this! The moment it’s not fun for your

 child… or YOU…

take them out. Period.

 Good luck!

You Won’t Know Until You Try!

Possible College Tuition!


Baby Modeling