The Truth and the Internet

Don’t believe everything you read on line. 

We understand that everyone these days will do research when embarking on a new venture! This research will usually include “googling” companies and individuals, to see what “dirt” they can find! Yes, studies show that consumers are usually looking for the “bad stuff” on companies or individuals. Lol! Every company out there (yes, including The Starlets Company) will receive positive and negative reviews. That’s normal. NO company can make EVERY customer-client happy.

“Anonymous” reviews these days are nothing more than Internet graffiti. If someone is going to post commentary on line and are so sure it’s accurate or fact; why withhold their identity? Because many times the writer is a competitor, disgruntled employee, someone with ulterior motives, etc. Every company has positive and negative reviews; when reviews are legitimate, good or bad, writer’s have no reason to “hide” their identity. Many legitimate websites no longer allow anonymous (unsubstantiated aka: fake news) reviews for these reasons.

Check out this hilarious State Farm Commercial regarding the Internet!