What really is the Better Business Bureau? Let the World’s Leading News Organizations and Members of the U.S. Government explain it to you…

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Some consumers ask, “Is Starlets an “accredited” member of the Better Business Bureau or the BBB?”, without really understanding what the “BBB” actually is.

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Many consumers are shocked to find:

  • The BBB is NOT a Government agency. NEVER has been. NEVER will.
  • The BBB is not endorsed by ANY State or the Government. Many in the Government are allegedly trying to shut the BBB down.
  • The BBB’s sole source of income (about $200 million last year) is from the very businesses it reports on. No conflict there, huh?
  • Various News Stories have proven that ANY business willing to “pay” the BBB can become “members”.
  • The BBB is allegedly facing numerous legal suits all over the country in regards to fraudulent business practices.
  • Numerous Governmental agencies are allegedly currently investigating the BBB’s business practices.
  • Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck was part of an Award Winning 3 part expose on the shady business practices of the BBB on ABC’s hit TV Show 20/20.  Several follow-up stories have since aired.
  • CNN just published a report on the BBB’s “shady grading system”. Businesses all over the country, large and small, refer to the BBB as a “shakedown money scam” to businesses and consumers.
  • TIME Magazine conducted an investigation into the BBB’s business practices and published its findings.
  • Certain BBB’s have allegedly already been SHUT DOWN.
  • The BBB allegedly gives “memberships” and “A Ratings” to non-existent unlicensed businesses.
  • The BBB allegedly gives “memberships” and “A Ratings” to businesses facing multi million dollar criminal and civil lawsuits from the Government.
  • The BBB claims to be “not for profit”. Multiple investigations clearly prove otherwise.
  • The BBB allegedly uses its grading system to “shakedown” businesses nationwide, with memberships raging from the hundreds to the several thousands.
  • The BBB has allegedly duped the public by making consumers believe the BBB is part of our Government and, further, businesses which are “A Rated” by the BBB are all legitimate businesses. Numerous Investigations have proven quite to the contrary.
  • The BBB allegedly gave the NON-EXISTENT terror group “Hamas” and “A Rating”. In a mere 12 hours, they were an APPROVED ACCREDITED BBB Business. Crazy, huh?
  • The skin head white racist NON-EXISTENT website called “Stormfront.org” allegedly received a “A+ Rating” with the BBB.
  • Various investigations allege the BBB will take anyone’s money and give them an “A Rating”.

Don’t Listen to Us; See for yourself:

ABC’s Award Winning 3 Part “BBB Scam” Investigation on the hit TV Show “20/20”. Part 1 is Here!

An ABC “BBB Scam” Follow Up with Diane Sawyer Here!

CNN Investigates and Exposes the “BBB Scam” Here!

TIME Magazine Investigates and Exposes the “BBB Scam” Here!

See what Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown says about the BBB:

“Unfortunately, I have learned that we have within our country a private organization that with the appearance of being quasi-governmental and without any legal or regulatory oversight and control can libel and slander and tortuously interfere with a small business. They can do so with virtual immunity. This organization is the National Better Business Bureau and their franchise local Better Business Bureaus. At times, some of these bureaus classify small business owners as unsatisfactory, libel and slander them with opinion and innuendo, and provide them no due process to correct the problem.”

– Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown

“Allegations include BBB commissioned salespeople creating fake so called “complaints” or “reviews” on businesses all over the country, which will then appear when a Google search is performed on the targeted business. BBB staffers then allegedly use them as a tool to extort money from the company, under the guise of BBB “membership”, which includes removal of the defamatory commentary, which they themselves fraudulently created.”

So the lesson here is this:

It DOESN’T mean a business is “great” because they’re “A Rated” nor does it mean a business is “bad” if they’re “F Rated”. It appears none of it really means anything. 

Most businesses today have no reason to be a part of the so-called “BBB”. It appears any business that “pays” the BBB will be “A Rated”, while businesses that don’t “pay up” will most likely, get an “F Rating”. 🙁

This has been proven through the various investigations conducted into the Better Business Bureau’s fraudulent business practices.

You may obtain reviews on ANY business for FREE, simply by conducting a business name search via Google, as most of you already know. Bad businesses can’t hide from the Internet!

EVERY business has positive and negative reviews.

It’s best to go by what the majority of the reviews say, whether it be positive or negative.

Just keep an open mind parents.

Best wishes,

The Starlets Company 🙂


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